More details about the order

To process your order faster we strongly recommend that you are aware of the following

If you have a tax ID or personal ID please provide as much as possible, otherwise, if your country requires this information we will block your order and contact you via email, which will slow down the shipment.

I: Shipping requirements

For Special Countries

 For All Countries

  • For international orders, please make sure the language of the delivery address is in English
  • For domestic orders (Mainland China), please make sure the language of the delivery address is Chinese.
  • For Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan orders, please provide your tax ID number, or the corresponding ID card number, and the corresponding GUI Number if the recipient is a company name. 
(1) Address matching:

If our logistics system indicates that your delivery address is too long (usually the company name and other labeling type information) we will use it as a mark on the package.

(2) Remote postal code/incorrect address.

We will inform you of the situation by e-mail and give you a suitable solution, if we do not get your reply within a week we will cancel your order.

II: About your order

1. I have placed an order, but the product is wrong and I need to change or add another product.

A: Please directly re-select the correct product place another order, and then tell us to cancel the wrong order (if you email us that we need to adjust your order, we will suggest you cancel the order if there are no special circumstances)

2. I want to change my shipping address

Please re-edit your shipping address and place a new order, then contact us to cancel the incorrect order.

3. The shipping method is not the same as the one I chose.

A: If you choose DHL or FedEx, we will strictly adhere to your choice of shipping method.
If you choose methods other than DHL or FedEx, generally we will also according to your chosen mode of shipping, but when we match your order, if our logistics system suggests that your address is abnormal (zip code abnormality, remote address, etc.) we will give priority to match you with the same level of transportation and replace you with the most appropriate mode of transportation.
4. Why is my order sent in two packages?

A: We strongly recommend you choose DHL or FedEx when your order amount is more than $200.

Generally, except for DHL or FedEx, we will automatically split your order into two parcels for orders over $150-200$ due to declaration and loss prevention issues. If you have any special requirements, please leave a message on the order page or let us know by email after placing the order.