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"Dedicated to the development of the IoT. Making development become easier" is the product concept of LILYGO®

We are willing to work with engineers all over the world to complete their great work! Don't let our idea just stay in our heads, join us to make it happen!

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We support R & D/ Customization

If you want to get your private project, or need our help, please organize your clear customized needs into documents or forms, or list them point by point, then send them to us, and we will check whether we can meet your need or not.

Project/ routine cooperation

Just share your program project with us, and we can also cooperate with engineers.


[Project sharing activities]

Activities will be progressed in circles

You can share any related development projects you have done before, we will choose a product as a gift activity.

Share your new project/routine on our product with us after you finish it.

[this project/ routine is also the basis for us to give you new products as a gift next time]

More activity will come soon...

If you have any questions just free feel to contact us, we look forward to your voice.

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Cheers in advance to our great work!

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