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Meshtastic LoRa SX1262 Wireless Module 433/868/915MHz NRF52840

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LILYGO® TTGO Meshtastic T-Echo LoRa SX1262 Wireless Module 433/868/915MHz NRF52840 1.54 E-Paper GPS RTC NFC BME280 for Arduino

Take a look that helps you to install Meshtastic


MCU NRF52840
Bus Interfaces UART, SPI, TWI, PDM, 12S, QSPI
Wireless Connectivity Bluetooth 5, Thread,
Bluetooth Mesh, ANT, 802.15.4, Zigbee
With/Without BME280 temperature pressure sensor
SX1262 LoRa Transceiver  Long Range, Low Power
Global frequency coverage 433, 868, 915Mhz
Enclosure material  ABS
Version Normal version / BME280 version

1.54-inch SPI E-Paper Display

Grey level 2
Resolution 200x200
 Full refresh time 2S

L76K Multi-System Positioning GNSS module

Support System GPS, GLONASS, BeiDou, QZSS
Support Function

Improved receiving and anti-interference attributes

LILYGO® TTGO Meshtastic T-Echo Introduce:

LILYGO®TTGO T-Echo is a version evolved from LILYGO T-BEAM. At the beginning of the design, more consideration was to adapting to Meshtastic.
so Bluetooth and low-power consumption were considered when designing, and NRF52840 Advanced  Bluetooth 5 was selected thread and Zigbee multiprotocol SoC. 
The LORA function continues T-BEAM's LILYGO SX1262 version functional module.

T-SX1262 wireless transceiver module, using Semtech SX1262 LORA RF transceiver chip design, working in the 868/915MHz ISM frequency band, integrated high stability TCXO 32MHz crystal oscillator, half-duplex transceiver module, power up to +22dBm, receiving sensitivity -139dBm. Automatic transceiver Switching, internal transmission, and reception channel isolation, advanced LORA spread spectrum communication technology, strong anti-interference, and privacy can realize long-distance wireless data

Battery capacity: 850mAh


Technology Support [Github]

If you need technical support please check the link to find more details.

Basic Example:


T-Echo SoftRF

Application scenarios:

- DIY creation    - LoRa networking   - GPS positioning   - IOT terminal control - Stem education product

Features of the module:

Multi-satellite positioning system L76K is a support multi-satellite system (GPS, BeiDou, GLONASS, QZSS), multi-system joint positioning, and single system independent positioning, support AGNSS function, built-in low noise amplifier, and surface filter, can provide users GNSS module with fast, accurate and high-performance positioning experience.

Compared with a single GPS system, the high-precision positioning multi-satellite system greatly increases the number of visible and usable satellites, improves positioning accuracy, and can achieve stable high-precision positioning even in complex urban environments.

It supports the AGNSS function, which can greatly Reduce the time for the first positioning, built-in low-noise amplifier, can achieve high sensitivity, high-precision positioning, and fast signal capture and tracking, even under weak signal conditions can also ensure a good positioning performance, built-in surface acoustic filter, can greatly The anti-interference ability of the module is enhanced, and the active antenna detection circuit and protection circuit are integrated inside to protect the module and the active antenna from damage.

The display uses a 1.54-inch electronic paper display with front light, 200x200 resolution 1.54 front LED E-paper, and it can be used in a dark environment.

1. Size

2. Pin Diagram

3. Appearance Details

T-Echo 433/868/915MHz Normal Options 


1 X T-ECHO Motherboard
1 X GPS Antenna
1 X LORA 915/868/433MHz Antenna
1 X NFC Antenna
1 X Touch Cable
1 X Jst 2pin1.25mm Battery Cable
1 X 850mA Capacity Battery
1 X ABS Material Enclosure
1 X Type-C USB Cable

(The color depends on the version you choose)



T-Echo 433/868/915MHz BME280 Options


1 X T-ECHO Motherboard [BME280]
1 X GPS Antenna
1 X LORA 915/868/433MHz Antenna
1 X NFC Antenna
1 X Touch Cable
1 X Jst 2pin1.25mm Battery Cable
1 X 850mA Capacity Battery
1 X ABS Material Enclosure
1 X Type C USB Cable

(The color depends on the version you choose)


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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Tatu Tahkokallio


Robert Harvey
Great device, nicely integrated

Bought two and have been impressed with their performance and the eink display. Unlike my T-Beams, I don’t have to worey about missing messages because they are always powered. Tested the antennas with a VNA and they are surprisingly broadband and resonant. My only gripe is lack of a button lockout switch, which would present them from coming out of sleep when buttons are accidentally pushed. Otherwise, this is a great device!

Hans Reichl

A fine Transceiver for Meshtastic, ready for use, mny thanks for fast shipping.
Waiting for Meshcom Firmware, 73´ Hans DD7MH

Trevor Emerson

Was able to set it up easy. More people should join the mesh network revolution and expand the coverage.

Great for Meshtastic

Good battery life and pretty good range. The best you can get for Meshtastic without a ham radio license.