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ESP32-S3 Development Board With Screen 0.96 inch ST7735 LCD Display

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Note: With TF Card, but TF card has no function.

MCU  ESP32-S3 Xtensa LX7 microprocessor
Wireless Connectivity Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n, bluetooth5
Platform Arduino-ide、PlatformlO-ide、Micropython
Onboard functions 16M Flash, Boot button, TF card
 0.96 inch ST7735 IPS LCD
 Full color (65k) Display, 4-Wire SPI interface
Resolution  80 X 160, 0.96 diagonal
Model ST7735 LCD
Working Power Supply 3.3V

Technology Support [Github]

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Appearance Details

T-Dongle-S3 With LCD

  • 1 X T-Dongle-S3 (With LCD)

T-Dongle-S3 Not LCD

  • 1 X T-Dongle-S3 (Without LCD)
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Customer Reviews

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Another hit from LilyGo. Everything you need in a tiny, powerful package.

Love these cuteys. They pack a lot of features and are well equipped. Would have given it 5 stars if durability was better. First one came as a DOA: screen did not work. After some awesome contact with LilyGo they will replace the DOA one. In the meantime I've ordered a second one. This one the display worked for a while. However after a couple of plugins and pullouts there's already a loose contact somewhere in the display connection. If I pull on the case the display and it's backlight work. If I push the case more to the usb socket the display goes black and the backlight dies. I really hope LilyGo will up their design of this one since I really LOVE this form factor. It could be a winner if they make it sturdier.

Edit: Tip for LiliGo: When you insert the dongle, the housing moves compared to the internals. The keychain ring in the housing then pushes on the display which causes problems with the display.