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T-Display S3 AMOLED

T-Display S3 AMOLED

Touch and no-touch versions available

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T-Display-S3 AMOLED is a display screen module with a 1.91" diagonal screen, based on our previous S3 module, we have upgraded the screen, resolution and antenna from LCD to AMOLED and the antenna to 3D antenna.
Using SPI interface, it is compatible with any microcontroller with SPI capability. The module is equipped with a built-in battery management system, making it a convenient solution for portable applications. The compact size and low power consumption make it ideal for wearable and IoT projects.

We have received many shares from engineers who have made the S3 module into a classic game console, monitor, timer, etc. The S3 module can carry many of your ideas. Use it to bring your ideas to life.

Version Upgrade

We've upgraded the base version (no touch functionality), check out the comparison!

V1.0 V2.0

Some of the buttons have changed positions, choose the right version according to your preference.


MCU ESP32-S3R8 Dual-core LX7 microprocessor
Wireless Connectivity 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi & Bluetooth5 (LE)
Development Arduino, PlatformIO-IDE, Micropython
Flash 16MB
Bat Voltage Detection IO04
Onboard functions Boot (IO00) + Reset + IO21 Button

1.91 inch RM67162 IPS AMOLED:

Resolution 240 X RGB X 536(H)
Interface QSPI
Active Area 19.8*44.22mm
Driver IC RM67162
Viewing Angle IPS Full View Angle

Sample Code For Reference [Github]

If you need technical support please check below link to find more details.

T-Display-S3 AMOLED


Size for reference

Pin Diagram

Basic Version

Touch Version

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Customer Reviews

Based on 50 reviews
Amazing display

This display is just amazing! Those colors and resolution are way cool. It is also easy to program with squareline studio, just follow Volos youtube vids. I recommend it to even very nubes just like me, cause you dont need to know how to program via lvgl or tft and you will learn it during process. What is also very good is library + examples made by Lilygo. I love it! If lilygo adds Lora module to display it will be perfect;)


the building quality is pefect as same as the display quality , the only and major probleme is the way to code it , the libs are really hard to use and i can barelly display a static image

Hi Sir,

Am sorry to hear that, if you need tech support, you can contact our support team, or open a thread on our community, Github.
Our engineers will help you directly.


Only one of them is working. I guess that's on me now, because I didn't have time so I waited almost a month to try them out.
When I tried the first I didn't quite understand why it's called touch, but at least the screen worked. Then I started to upload the examples one by one from the github repo. After trying like 5 or 6, it broke completely. Even the screen is blank now. I mean, you can still monitor the board, it's stuck in a permanent loop of some error, so kinda works, but every attempt to upload any other example fails with a "write timeout" error. Then I put it under my magnifying glass and from the side I could see that one of the two flat ribbon cables, the smaller one, is loose. I thought the bigger must be the screen and the smaller is the touch, so that's why the touch didn't work from the beginning. This board is unusable now. The error flooding the serial monitor is about some variable or parameter being uninitialized in one of the lvdl modules, braking the code. It's coming at full speed, and I believe that's the reason every attempt to upload another example code fails.
The other one of the two I bought works fine, both the screen and the touch are good.
TL;DR would be a nice board, but basically I bought one for $60.

Hi, thanks a lot for your feedback, it looks like you should be having some issues with it, you can contact our support team, if you can provide some pictures or videos this would be very helpful for our engineers to look at, you can also post threads in our GitHub and community, there will be people there to help you as well.

Stephane Frechette
Best display out there!

Awesome device and display. A must for projects of all kind...
Exactly what I needed ;-)

Amir1387ah TT
Good board!

It's cute, I love it, but I wish it had a MPU5060 or ambient sensor