In order to solve your problems in a timely manner, when you have technical questions about the product, please try to describe your problem more clearly, if possible, please provide some helpful videos, or pictures, so that our engineers can quickly help you solve the problem, thanks.

About the tax for the EU

At present, the price of the platform does not include tax.
Customers in Europe should pay attention to the tax problem after the package reaches the local country.

[orders over 150 euros may generate tax, which needs to be borne/handled by the customer, the local policy shall prevail.]


Product Instructions

Friendly Reminder: Our products are only Commended for People with a programming foundation [engineers/ students/ makers, etc..]

Because everyone's project is different we can only provide a simple example code for reference, but we can't guarantee how your program is and what you develop.

We suggest that you could take samples before buying in bulk.[2 or 3 samples at least will be better, in this way you can test them randomly to ensure that the product meets your needs .]

Any unclear, please feel free to contact us before ordering.

Different types of MCU have different usage methods, which we will explain on listing or GitHub

Whether USB cable has data transmission function/Computer interface/Whether the drive is installed/Whether the product interface is connected firmly...

It may be stranded at the local customs [it arrives at the local post office], you need to provide some information for customs clearance[pick it up].

Since we will carry out quality inspection of products again before shipment to ensure normal operation, these after-sales policies can be divided into many situations:

A. For Example code

a. If you can't make the product work normally by using our sample code, you can send us the screenshot of the error reporting information or a detailed operation process video and send it to us, our engineer will check whether there are improper steps, and then you can try again according to our method.

b. If it is a product defect, we will make a judgment according to the actual situation, provide suggestions for you, and then solve it properly for you according to your needs.


B. Private code

If you are unable to work because use your test program, you need to check whether your program/our product is compatible or supports the project.

Shipping And Order

Usually, if in stock, we will ship it out within two days. If you find that the order has not been shipped for a long time, you can contact customer service for processing.

PS: Since the product might need to be tested/packaged according to different needs, please allow us 1-7 working days for processing your order.

You could try to find it outside the door [in the mailbox] or ask your family/ friends whether they have received it.

if still not received please confirm your order address again, and check with the local logistics provider [post office] to who they gave the package, when, and where.

Ask them to issue proof that you have not received the package[Doc. any format is OK] then send pictures to us.

We will check with our logistics provider and apply for compensation for you.

It may be stranded at the local customs [it arrives at the local post office], you need to provide some information for customs clearance[pick it up].

It is recommended to check your email/ phone call/ message whether you have received relevant reminders so as to handle them in time.

Or contact us, and we will check and provide you with solutions.

Don't worry, usually, we will check the order info carefully befor shiped, if you get the wrong version please check the version of your order again, and two situations may also occur

1. Wrong packed from the warehouse. [Please send us clear pictures of the bar code label of the protection box and the product .]

2. It should be the logistics provider who confuses the package, [please check and send us the pictures of the product and package label, there will be also another label on the bottom.] Just contact us, we will check and solve it for you

Maybe the product will be violently treated during transportation, or there will be defects in the production process, we will try our best to avoid such problems, but we do not rule out the possibility of things happening, if you encounter it, please submit it to some evidence, video or pictures, we will definitely solve it in time

Friendly reminder

- Products with displays should be handled with care

- Don't touch the components too much with your hands to prevent the product from being damaged by electrostatic friction