Shipping & Delivery

Please read the following rules carefully before submitting your order, otherwise, we can't process your order.

  1. For international orders, please make sure the language of the delivery address is in English
  2. For domestic orders (Mainland China), please make sure the language of the delivery address is Chinese.
  3. For Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan orders, please provide your tax ID number, or the corresponding ID card number, and the corresponding GUI Number if the recipient is a company name.

Avoid abbreviations for all information, so that we can process orders faster and local logistics can arrange delivery more accurately.

Usually, we can ship within 2 days. (Public Holidays/Weekends excluded)

Note: Since the product might need to be tested/packaged according to different needs, please allow us 1-7 working days to process your order.

Please pay attention to the update of logistics information, when it arrives at your address, whether the package is delivered to you directly or you need to pick it up at the pickup center, depending on your local logistics provider.

    Methods & Delivery Time

    During ship, maybe some methods of transport do not update the logistic track until the parcel reaches the destination country.

    Methods  Delivery Time
    Standerd Express 20-35 Days
    EUB 20-35 Day

    YunTu Express

    Company name can't be used consignee, you can put it into the corresponding field or leave note to the order.

    10-20 Days
    DHL 10-17 Days
    FedEx 10-17 Days
    YanWen 20-35 Days


    If you have a freight forwarder in China, please send us your complete address and phone number in Chinese and we will advise you accordingly

    If you do not see one of the above shipping methods when checking out, it may be because your country does not support that shipping method, please select one of the available channels already listed or contact us for assistance.

    When we are processing the order, if the system suggests that your postcode is remote, we will automatically replace it with another shipping channel of the same class for you (except HDL and FedEx), We will send you an email if there are special situations, or you can leave us a message if you have any requirements.

    We can ship to DHL/FedEx through a third-party channel (Freight Forwarder) because we don't have DHL/FedEx account.
    Means : we --> third-party channel(Freight Forwarder) -->official DHL /Fedex-->you

    DHL and FedEx methods may require assistance with customs clearance, which you are aware of by default when choosing this method and will not be notified additionally.

    Please note that all delivery times are estimated for reference only.

    May be delayed if the package encounters a special situation in transit.

    Shipping Fee & Country

     Shipping costs are charged according to the weight of the product and the method you choose. Usually, we have four shipping methods to choose from, if you do not see one of the above shipping methods when checking out, it may be because your country does not support that shipping way, please select one of the available channels already listed or contact us for assistance.
     Our express can reach most countries, North America, South America, Asia, Europe, Africa, and other countries, In some remote countries we do not support delivery, currently, we do not have any channels to ship our products to Ukraine and Russia. if you need our help please feel free to contact us


    Having VAT / EORI / GST and IEC details / CNPJ / Personal ID number will be better, which we will mark on your invoice for customs clearance.

    It will be helpful if the recipient can provide GST and IEC details to submit the customs declaration, this is required by the local customs. [India]

    HS CODE8534009000 (we declare the product as an adapter)

    Once we receive your order, we will contact you via email ( if we need your help with shipping, or if you have any questions you can contact us via this email address.

    Tracking Order

     Usually, when your order is sent out, you will receive a notification in your receiving email, you can click the tracking link inside to check the status of your package and visit one of the following URLs to check your package.

    (It usually delays 1 - 3 days to sync the tracking information before uploading to the internet.)

    Declared amount

    Declare the product's amount and mark it as an Adapter by default.
    If the invoice is needed, you can contact customer service.

    Remote areas

    If the logistics provider of the shipping method we use for shipment finds that your address belongs to a remote area when we handle the shipment, there will be several solutions :

    • If you still choose this shipping method, logistics needs to charge the remote fee, generally around USD$41-48, we will tell you the cost at that time, and you need to pay us to arrange the shipment.
    • You can change the address, and we will re-check whether the address is remote.
    • Change logistics, we will recommend other logistics methods for you to choose.


    Package receive problem

    After the package is sent, you could pay more attention to the tracking information.

    If you need to clear customs at the local customs or get it at the post office, please handle it in time to avoid returning or destroying it.

    We could not bear corresponding responsibilities for the problems caused by the recipient's failure to handle them in time

    [The above is just a remark about the possible situation. But please rest assured that usually the package can be dispatched normally, we will also follow it up]

    If you need any help, please contact us in time, and we will do our best to help you.

    Please Note: All the times are for reference only, depending on the logistics, if you do not live in a secure location please be wise about the shipping method you chose as standard mail couriers will not require a signature and packages will leave and any "secure" location deems fit to the mail carrier.

      • We are not responsible for the incorrect address entered by you as the customer.
      • A restocking fee will be charged if you do not claim your item and it is returned. The charge will be 15% of the total charge per item.

    If you have any questions, please CONTACT US.