T-Embed---With Spinning Dial

It’s a universal remote. It’s got all the I/O you’d need for a variety of uses and the programmability means it’s capable of doing anything. I can easily see this being an OpenHAB remote. It’s also good for portable Wi-Fi tasks.

You could hook a GPS to it and make a war driver out of it.
T-Embed is a battery-powered WiFi controller with a display and rotary encoder

The device is programmable and can be used to control Smart Home and IoT devices connected over WiFi or Bluetooth. It also integrates a microphone and speaker, a microSD card for data logging, as well as a Grove connector, and an 8-pin GPIO header for expansion.

Take a look at the video shared by Volos

For sure lots of things can be done with that device. You can imagine using it as a weather and clock portable station, an internet mini radio, etc.

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