ESP32 Formats and Communication Protocols

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We always look forward to receiving feedback on the various achievements of the world's engineers, and this is a share from Neil, who has perfected the book "ESP32 Formats and Communication Protocols"!

Check it out to see if the text is what you need, it introduces the ESP32 microcontroller communication protocols and provides examples of a variety of projects ranging from low-power Bluetooth beacons communicating with smartwatches to remote communication (LoRa) between a microsatellite hovering 550km above the earth and an ESP32 microcontroller at home.

Our Lora32, T-watch, and T-Display series are used in the article.

If you are researching the features of various microcontroller formats, this book is a good choice for you, we hope that you will get the answers you are looking for from inside this book and that this book will help you to achieve some projects.

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