T-SIMCAM-MCU with 4G LTE Modem.

[ESP32-S3 + Camera Module(OV2640) + LTE Modem(SIM7600G-H) + Google Fi SIM] It's impossible to communicate with the server in an environment without WiFi. Depending on the project, equipment that can communicate with the outside is needed to enable communication with the server even in an environment without WiFi. Satellite connectivity is probably the only means of communication available anywhere on the Earth, but it's probably very difficult to actually use it. The next possible thing is to use a cellular modem. This is the most reasonable way, and you can connect to the server anywhere in the environment where cellular communication is connected. In this project, I'll cover what we need to know about cellular connectivity from ESP32. Also, we'll check how to upload images taken by the OV2640 to a server via cellular.
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